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Reliance Industries Ltd. - Jamnagar (Project: J3)

Reliance Industries Ltd. carried out the expansion of its 1.24 million-b/d Jamnagar refining and petrochemical complex in Gujarat, India. This is the third phase of the ongoing development project at the site, J3. This is one of the largest capital expenditure programmes globally and the ROGC (Refinery Off-Gas Cracker) complex is built in a record time with approximately 40% lower capital cost compared to the similar projects globally.


Conash was the largest supplier of Flyash to the J3 project since it's initiation in 2013. Conash has supplied more than 2.0Lacs MT of Flyash with the peak demand of 600MT per day. This was possible only because of our core strength in Flyash procurement, stringent quality checks, financial strength, and our own fleet of bulkers. 

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